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The Tree

for oboe and piano

c.a. 8'15"

completed in 2018


Recording: 2018 (rehearsal)

Oboe: Ada Or

Piano: Sze Ying Chan

[score] [parts]

The Tree is a dialogue between a tree and it leaves.

One year as winter was approaching, the leaves complained to the tree about the inevitable that they will all die and fall to the ground. They didn’t understand why is that necessary, and even if that is, why some would die sooner and some would be given more time to enjoy life and die later. They further questioned why some leaves were born to enjoy the sunlight while some were born in the shade in the first place. They didn’t think it is fair and they argued that everyone has the right to live under the best cirsumstances for as long as anyone else.


The tree tried to calm its leaves, telling them that there are not enough nutrients and resources for everyone, and that the tree and all the leaves must function as one. However, the leaves, unable to see the full picture, didn’t seem to understand.

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