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Sze Ying Chan is a composer originally from Hong Kong now based in London.

In her teenage days she formed Kaleido, a progressive pop-rock group that performs her own compositions, and performed in various venues in Hong Kong including Hidden Agenda. She was also interested in film making and was awarded the Best Music award in the Think Again competition for a short film she made called Shining World.

After Chan graduated from the Chinese Univeristy of Hong Kong In 2017, Chan Came to London to study Screen composition at the Royal College of Music under Francis Shaw and Howard Davidson. Chan was awarded a Scholarship from BAFTA in 2018 and received mentorship from composer George Fenton

In 2019, Chan collaborated with conceptual artist Meng Zhou and Director Ying Ping Yu in the contemporary dance theatre piece Neko no koi (The Lover Cat) as part of Royal College of Music's Great Exhibitionists Series. In 2021 Chan worked with the London Contemporary Chamber Orchestra to perform and record her new composition Fruit of the Earth for chamber orchestra.

Most Recently, Chan's electroacoustic piece Due to a reported emergency may all passengers leave the station immediately is selected to be exhibited in the International electroacoustic music festival MUSLAB hold in Ecuador this year and  broadcasted by the Radiophrenia in Glasgow.

Chan is interested in Philosophy and Japanese culture. She learned the Japanese Koto for 3 years under Mie Imtake during her university years. She is also interested in botany and horticulture amongst other things. All these shaped her way of constructing music.


Master of Composition (Screen Composition), Royal College of Music2017 - 2019.

Bachelor of Arts (Music), Chinese University of Hong Kong. 2012 - 2017.


BAFTA Scholar 2018-2019



Composer, Due to a reported Emergency would all passengers please leave the station immediately, MUSLAB -Planeta Complejo- Vol. 4. 


Music Preparation, Allelujah, dir. Richard Eyre.


Composer, White Paper Flower, dir. Ying Ping Yu


Composer, Chinese Works, UPPM RECORDS


Member of the London Philharmonic Choir (2019- )

Member of the Ealing Symphony Orchestra (2023- )

Member of Lay Singers (2023- )

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